Can You Achieve an Extraordinary Vertical Leap by Using the Jump Manual?


Expert and novice basketball athletes alike are enthusiastic about The Jump Manual program. This is because it is said to be among the most efficient training protocol for increasing one’s vertical leap.

One of the most age old myths in the world of vertical jumping is that jumping high is a skill reserved only for those who are blessed with the gift of height, and if you're short, you're basically screwed.

Luckily for most of us, this is the farthest thing from being the truth, as 5 feet 7 Spud Webb demonstrated.

Nonetheless, many people still fail to increase their vertical jump, despite their hard efforts. The reality is, poor vertical jump skills are quite common in the world of sports, and it affects numerous basketball players from small to large.

However, with the help of a well defined and structured training plan, you too can learn to jump higher.

Using The Jump Manual to Increase Speed & Strength

Let's start with the basics first - speed and strength are the most important variables that impact your vertical leap, and improving those is the primary goal of the jump manual. Focusing solely on these two parameters can increase your vertical leap substantially, and the jump manual takes a systematic approach for improving these parameters.

When you download all of the program's materials you will see this emphasis by the way the workouts are structured and the directions you get in the videos.

Expect your strength, stamina, and neurologic response to boost drastically once you complete The Manual.

Nevertheless, you need to follow the program religiously to have the desired results.

Efficient Training Leads to Results

Although the Jump Manual is quite old, it's not the first training protocol devised for the purpose of jumping higher. There were quite a few vertical leap training protocols presented to the public before it. The problem was, most of them failed to give trainees any significant results due to the lack of completeness in these programs.


There are nine variables that affect the vertical jump, that’s why The Jump Manual makes use of a multi-faceted approach to ensure all variables are covered in the training.

We all know that the food you eat plays a major role in providing you with energy. Nutrition is a crucial component that you simply can't ignore. And yet, most programs are only concentrating on form, balance, flexibility and stability, leaving nutrition out.

The good thing is, The Jump Manual is a program that DOES provide emphasis on nutrition. The mind behind this program is aware of the fact that good nutrition is the key to proper recovery and more strength.

If you're taking whey protein, then check the guidelines in the manual. Even Bodybuilders could find this manual to be beneficial since it includes some of the best diet practices to gain muscle.

What Results Can You Expect to See with The Jump Manual?

Keep in mind that this is a training regimen, not a math query - therefore, I cannot guarantee exactly how many inches you will gain. Hard work and determination are required to have the ideal outcome. But I will say this... the efficiency of the Jump Manual is well proven.

But before you begin, know this - dedication is crucial if you want to reach your jumping goals, and you won’t get much from the program if you don’t have the discipline to do everything that's necessary. But if the methods are performed correctly, you'll be able to see considerable improvements in just two weeks.

In terms of final results, the jump manual can help you reach as high as 35-45 inches, depending on your genetics and muscle composition, and this result is typically achieved after 12 weeks of constant training.

Training Support

A lot of online programs have a bad reputation for lacking support, but this is not one of those cases.

The Jump Manual offers its support directly from the creator of the program.

You'll definitely have some queries and concerns, but there's no need to worry because if you have any questions, all you need to do is simply send an email to coach Hiller, and in 48 hours you will receive your answer.

Additionally, you'll be given access to the members forum where you can ask questions and see if someone else have had the same problem you're having and perhaps found a solution.

If you check the forums, you will see several verifiable testimonials from people who benefited from The Jump Manual. Famous people like Jacob Tucker and Jesse Parker have admitted to use this program as well (see on this page).

Jacob Hiller is the developer of The Jump Manual who spent more than ten years researching for efficient methods. On top of that, if you feel that this manual is not working for you, you can return it in 60-days an have your entire purchase refunded.

If you however avoid the usual pitfall and errors people make with the program, this is unlikely to happen.

Aside from that, if you wish to see some good testimonials, Basketballworkouttips did one from a professional athlete standpoint. This will give you a chance to personally see if the jump manual is truly worth your time and money.

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