The Jump Manual Training and the Usual Errors People Make

jump manual errors

There are many different exercises that are considered by basketball players to be beneficial for jumping higher. Many people think that if their program is varied enough they'll be able to achieve this goal.

Sure, doing an exercise routine that is diversified can be favorable for the improvement of your jump. But if you really want to get good results out of your vertical leap training then you need to go a step further and use more serious training approaches such as the jump manual training.

There's many reasons why you should do so, but the biggest one is to make sure you avoid the common errors and pitfalls I see jumpers make every day at the gym.

Here's a rundown of some of them...

Less Is More

The first common training mistake I see people make is when they execute an excessive amount of reps. And while doing a lot of repetitions is good for boosting your stamina, it actually stops you from becoming explosive. This is one of the physics of vertical jumping but from some reason many people don't seem to know about it.

I have to admit I'm guilty of doing this mistake myself, but after going through the Jump Manual and reading through some of the materials in it, I stopped doing it all together and it completely changed my ability to explode (for the better).


I'm planning on covering this topic more in depth on a later post but in the meantime, here's a good source that explains why this principle is so important at

If you would like to be much more productive with your workouts, it would be best to go with 8 powerful reps instead of hundreds of thousands of reps. This is one of the first things I realized after going through the jump manual. Jacob Hiller, the creator of the manual, basically sums it up well by saying: "concentrate on quality in your routines, not quantity".

The same principle goes for weight training too.

jump squat

Too much weight workouts often lead to injuries and fatigue. The joints are overused and then injuries happen. Consequently, your jump becomes weaker. Needless to say, your general performance will be affected because of the fatigue that you're experiencing. Thus extreme weight work is not helpful.


If performed at a moderate intensity and frequency, weight training can actually increase your vertical jump. It is bad to do excessive weight lifting and squats, this make you slow and sluggish. Instead, work on your speed by doing some plyometrics. Avoid excessive weight lifting to make sure that your jumping capacity will increase.

Provide The Right Nutrients to Your Body

Aside from doing too much exercising, most athletes also commonly make the mistake of neglecting the part of nutrition. It is important to eat a well-balanced diet in order to boost your body's performance. There are several things that our body needs to get on a day to day basis in order to function properly, these are:


A) Carbs - to be the main source of fuel for the body

B) Protein - to promote muscle buildup

C) A portion of Fats to stabilize our hormone function.

basketball nutrition

Take Breaks

Resting should also become a practice. Most athletes go for pick-up games as soon as they're done working out. It is essential to rest adequately after exercising to provide your tired body the chance to recover. Sufficient sleep will also help boost your vertical leap.

These practices may look very easy, but they play important roles in your success with the jump manual (source) and you'd be surprised at how many people overlook these things. This is the reason why you must take extra consideration with your jumping routine to have the results that you desire.

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